hugh hefner on the consent revolution Editor's note: This website is a parody, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. As should be abundantly clear, the purpose of this website is to critique Playboy's Top Ten Party List and to raise awareness about the importance of consent. More information can be found at

LOS ANGELES, September 17, 2013Today, Playboy updated its infamous party school list to reflect a new and important trend in campus life. Playboy’s 2013 Top Ten Party School Commandments is the ultimate guide to a consensual good time.

We sat down with Playboy’s founding editor and the man behind it all to learn more about the list, the issue, and his thoughts.

Why is the magazine doing this now?
The anti-rape and consent movement bubbling up in America is important and I support it. It’s good for women. It’s good for men. It’s good for sex.

What is consent to you?
Consensual sex is simply sex that is pleasurable for everyone involved.

Do you always practice consent?
I’ve had sex with thousands of women and they all still like me. That is because I never use coercion or force. I never fed a woman drinks, I’ve never drugged a woman, I’ve never insulted a woman to make her feel vulnerable, I’ve never manipulated my way into sex. The only sex that is good is when it’s good for everyone. And I’ve only ever had good sex.

But isn’t it awkward to talk during sex?
The awkwardness people feel about talking during sex is the same awkwardness people feel talking about sex in general. It all goes back to our puritanical culture. Anything related to sex is taboo. The great irony is that this taboo remains in the most improbable of situations, namely when two people are having sex with each other. We, in America, feel so uncomfortable talking about sex, we can’t even talk about sex with the people we are having sex with. That’s ridiculous! My comfort in talking about sex and my ability to say what I want has gotten me, well, a lot of what I want.

What do you say to people who still don’t want to practice consent?
If you are a person who simply does not like consent, I would venture to guess that you are a rapist. And to you, I say, stop ruining sex for the rest of us.

You have often been criticized by feminists, yet the consent movement is essentially feminist. Do you now see yourself siding with feminists?
I’ve always supported women’s sexual liberation. In the 1950s and '60s, there were still states that outlawed birth control, so I started funding court cases to challenge that. At the same time, I helped sponsor the lower-court cases that eventually led to Roe v. Wade. We were the amicus curiae in Roe v. Wade. I was a feminist before there was such a thing as feminism. That's a part of history very few people know.

Women have historically paid the highest price for our culture’s negative attitude towards sex. And, like with the sexual liberation movement, women stand to be the main beneficiaries of a radical culture change and a healthier attitude towards sex.

What do you think needs to change in our culture and our attitudes towards sex today?
When I first started publishing the magazine, the biggest threat to sexual pleasure was puritanism. Playboy was the antidote to puritanism. And I think if you look at the past 50 years, history is on my side.

Today, the biggest threat to sexual pleasure is violence. We worship sexual violence in this culture more than we worship sexual pleasure. There is nothing pleasurable about rape. In fact, rape robs people of their pleasure, during the act itself and, for many, for years to come.

I also worry that people aren’t enjoying sex as much as we used to. I’ve noticed in our culture today that people, especially young people, treat sex like a transaction or a conquest. The mentality is the more sex you have, the more you are worth. As a person who has accumulated a lot of wealth, at this point in my life, it doesn’t matter where each individual dollar came from. Each dollar in the bank is the same as the next. As a person who has also had a lot of sex, looking back, it does matter where each encounter came from. The uniqueness of each sexual partner is important. I did not accumulate sex as if I was accumulating money. And, I am richer for it.

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